Harvard University is interested in receiving applications from Claflin RISE Students for their Biophysics doctoral program

We are very interested in receiving applications from your students, and have set up a mentorship and application assistance program for ALL trainees who would like to receive guidance from current Biophysics PhD students.  Please forward this information to any students (or other coordinators) who may be interested.

Mentorship for all students: We know very well how challenging the summer research internship and graduate school application process can be. This is why we, current Harvard Biophysics graduate students, would like to offer our help. Regardless of your field of study or academic stage, you can choose to be paired up with a student mentor to talk with you about research and STEM opportunities, as well as help with any (and every) part of the application process. If you would like to be paired up with a Biophysics mentor, or be added to our mailing list for future opportunities, please fill out this quick form.

For senior students: If you are considering a PhD in STEM, Harvard Biophysics might be for you! 

About Biophysics: Our graduate program welcomes students from a wide range of STEM disciplines (e.g. computer science, molecular biology, physics, mathematics, chemistry, etc.) who want to apply quantitative tools to biological and biomedical questions. With a large and diverse group of faculty across multiple campuses, Biophysics allows incoming students to explore a large range of research directions. The program is very flexible and allows each student to craft their own path. Please read more about Harvard Biophysics in the attached flyer, or on our website. You can also respond to this email with any questions! We would also like to remind you that you can request an application fee waiver, if the admissions application fee presents a hardship for you or your family. 

For junior/sophomore students: We would like to point you to some of the many internship opportunities available at Harvard. These are a great way to gain additional research experience, connect with Biophysics faculty, and learn more about STEM PhD’s at Harvard.

See the “Opportunities for Growth and Advancement” page for these listings.


Dear Dr. McCutcheon,

You have received NIH funding to enrich the experience of undergraduates and encourage their pursuit of careers in the biomedical sciences. To that same goal, the Society of Toxicology (SOT) urges you to share the following opportunities with those students. We offer students the opportunity to learn more about toxicology by attending special programs for undergraduate students at the SOT Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida, March 14–18, 2021.

Toxicologists address critical issues and make the world a healthier and safer place by studying the effects of physical, biological, and chemical agents on people, animals, and the environment. Many students who learn about the discipline of toxicology are excited about career opportunities that involve research and the potential to make a positive contribution to health and safety.

You and the others involved with your grants play a key role in identifying talented students who otherwise may not be aware of rewarding career opportunities in toxicology. Please print and display the Undergraduate Programs flyer, forward information from this message to students and your networks, and actively encourage your students to apply for the awards described below. Thank you!!

For students and faculty with research data to present, or educators with education abstracts, the Abstract Submission deadline is December 1.

The undergraduate awards deadline is 11:59 pm ET October 26.

Claflin professor Dr. Gloria S. McCutcheon has received the S.C. Environmental Awareness Award.

“This award will have a lasting impact on the promotion of environmental awareness and opportunities for my students at Claflin, who will continue to make great contributions as we face increased concern about health, health disparities and the environment,” McCutcheon said. “The gap in the disproportionate incidence of disease in populations must be closed, and it is our students who will help close these gaps so that communities of color will not suffer disproportionately.”

“I accept the award with humility on behalf of the many people across the state of South Carolina who walk this journey with me through schools, science camps, 4-H Clubs, faith-based organizations, local farms and community organizations,” said McCutcheon, who is the first representative from a historically black college/university selected for the prestigious award.

Click the link for the full article in the “Times and Democrat”. Special to the T&D | June 20, 2020

Claflin professor wins top S.C. environmental award

The National Institute of Health – Institute of General Medical Sciences, Office of Intramural Training Office (OITE) webinars. These wellness webinars are relevant to biomedical students and faculty during the COVID-19 pandemic. Members of the extramural community can sign up for the live webinars or watch videos at the OITE YouTube wellness site.

Taking Covid-19 seriously, and trying to do her part, RISE Scholar, Terika Williams is out being safe!


The Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science National Diversity in STEM

Dr. Gloria McCutcheon, Jira White, and Monai Mitchell, members of Claflin RISE Program, had the opportunity to bask in the sunshine of Hawaii, at the Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics & Native Americans in Science National Diversity in STEM Conference. Lucky them! The event was October 31-November 1.

2019-2020 Cohort of RISE Scholars

Top Row:Jira White, Terika Williams, Brandon Sanders
Bottom Row: Jasmine Carter

Congratulations to RISE Scholar, Brandon Sanders, SP20 member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, INC. 

 Below:  Dr. Lillianne Harris Wright is a RISE Alum from Clarke Atlanta and is one of the RISE mentors who completed her doctoral studies at a cancer research center.  View her video clip.

Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement

About RISE at Claflin University

The RISE (Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement) Program is a structured educational and research training program for underrepresented minorities who desire to pursue a career in biomedical or behavioral sciences. The RISE Program was funded by the National Institutes of Health/National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIH/NIGMS), initiated in 1972.

The RISE Program at Claflin University was established in 2015 and provides academic and summer research experiences, both on campus and at partnering research intensive environments representing academia, industry, and government.

Students have conducted external summer research at the following institutions:

Yale University – New Haven, CT

Washington University – St. Louis, MO

Howard University – Washington, D.C.

University of South Carolina- Columbia, SC

Medical University of South Carolina – Charleston, SC

Wake Forest University – Winston-Salem, NC

Brown University – Providence, RI

University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia, PA

University of Alabama Birmingham – Birmingham, AL

Claflin University

Claflin University continues to be recognized as a top-ranked liberal arts college by Washington Monthly. In its 2015 “Best Liberal Arts Colleges” edition, Claflin was ranked as number one liberal arts college in South Carolina and the top Historically Black College/University (HBCU) in the nation. The ranking is based on social mobility –recruiting and graduating low-income students; research – the institution’s ability to produce cutting-edge research; and service – encouraging students to give back to their community. Claflin was named the 2015 AARP/HBCU Digest HBCU of the Year. The HBCU Digest also named Claflin University as the International Alumni Association of the Year.

Claflin was ranked #1 in alumni giving among HBCU’s by U.S. News and World Report. For the seventh year, Forbes.com ranked Claflin University one of the top colleges in the United States based on student satisfactions, post-graduate success, graduation rate, and academic success.

Purpose of RISE at Claflin University

RISE (Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement) at Claflin University (CU) consists of interdisciplinary research conducted by Junior and Senior RISE Participants, under the supervision of over 12 researchers at Claflin in collaboration with research institutions, prepare to enter and complete graduate PhD programs in biomedical and behavioral sciences. RISE at CU is conducted in various research programs in the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering) and the School of Humanities (Geography, Psychology, Sociology, etc.). Community-based participatory public health research addresses health disparities using Geographic Information Systems and behavioral science models in collaboration with the School of Humanities and the campus-wide Public Health Student Alliance.


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