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Hometown: Columbia, SC
Classification: Senior
Major: Computer Engineering
Research: Determining factors of Alzheimer’s disease in African Americans/Building Virtual Learning System to Assist in Educating.
Work is under the supervision of Dr. Karina Liles.
Career Plans: To obtain a PHD in Computer Engineering
Community Service: Orangeburg Recreation and Parks Campus
Organizations: Alice Carson Tisdale Honors College, Men of Valor Emphasizing Respect and Service, Honor Society

Senior, London Thompson is currently completing his Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and is on track to graduate in May 2021. He conducts research on determining factors of Alzheimer’s Disease in African Americans and is working on a virtual learning system to assist the community. He has also conducted research at the University of South Carolina in 2019 and returned for a second year in 2020. London has presented his work at the 2019 Gerontological Society of America Conference held in Austin Texas, where he elaborated on his project of the security and privacy of telehealth devices.